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Metal Spinning Characteristics

The Metal Spinning Characteristics technology is that rotated the workpiece to make the force point from point to line, from line to surface. and the roller is given a certain pressure in a certain direction to deform and flow the metal material in this direction to form a certain shape.
Metal Spinning Features:

1.Spinning is a local continuity processing. The instantaneous deformation zone is small. The total deformation force is small.
2.Some complicated parts or harddeform materials, traditional crafts are difficult or even impossible to process, can process by spinning, such as pulleys, lighting accessories.
3.The tolerance of spinning processing can reach IT8, the surface roughness is less than 3.2, and the strength and hardness improved significantly.
4.The utilization rate of spinning processing materials is high, and the mold cost is lower than 20% of the stamping die. The economics of spinning forming are related to the production batch, workpiece structure, equipment and labor costs. It can improve the best economic benefits through working with stamping machine, shearing machine, laser cutting machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, electroplating machine and so on.
5.The shape that can spin-processed can only a rotating body, mainly barrel-shaped, circular cone shape, etc.
6.Machinable materials are iron plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel, copper plate, etc.