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Metal Spinning Application

Metal Spinning Application : [Aerospace industry]

Almost all aircraft and engine manufacturing companies are equipped with metal spinning machines and have been used in production. Aeronautical parts manufactured by the spinning process include: turbine shaft, compressor shaft, inlet cone, and tail vein of the nozzle, combustion chamber bushings, bearing supports. The pipe used for the compressor casing and the nozzle of the 75-type jet engine is a thin-walled pipe which spinning by inner diameter 2958 mm, length 1,143 mm, and wall thickness 6.2 mm blank pipe. The composite parts used in the jet engine have a cylindrical parts which with outer diameter 55 mm, length 541 mm, wall thickness 1.14 to 0.89 mm. The cone portion diameter is 390 mm, and a total length is 967 to 968 mm.

[Weapon production]

The metal spinning process is used to manufacture the conic liner of high explosive anti-tank cartridge. The large spinning machine (bed length 7.62m) can spin the gun barrel with an outer diameter 101~305mm and wall thickness 50mm. It is also can be spin thick-walled tube with inner diameter 178 mm and wall thickness 101 mm.

[Civil Industrial]

The first large-scale application of metal spinning was the manufacture of discs for cream separators. After the Second World War, the spinning process produced a television display tube, and later produced kettles, cups, measuring cups, beer kegs and funnels, cones, milk cans, round pots, washing drums, and gas bottles, truck shaft discs, hydraulic cylinders, fire extinguishers, oil tanks, boiler heads, pressure bottles, musical instruments.