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Single Roller CNC Metal Spinning Machine

The actual price is based on the order quantity, configuration and cost of molds. For detailed quotation, please click on INQUIRY and it will be sent within 20 minutes. You will receive our latest purchase suggestions and promotion information after you send an inquiry.

1. Spinning capacity of Aluminum, Copper 8mm, Carbon Steel 6mm, Stainless Steel 4mm.
2. 300-1500mm blank sheet for spinning.
3. Spinning all kinds of spun parts in variety industries.
4. The positioning accuracy is higher and stable.
5. Free training.

    TIPTOP is specialized in metal spinning. With our ability to CNC metal spinning lathe machine, we are able to spin metal blanks into barrel, horn, disc, hemispherical, cone, curved, parabolic, warhead and so on.

    It can also be turning, trimming, flanging and crimping. Various metal materials can be spin-formed, such as cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium, inconel and other rare metals.

    The CNC metal spinning machine is widely used in aerospace, military, machinery, chemical, automotive, ventilation, hardware, lampshades, handicrafts, kitchen utensils, environment and agriculture.

    ●Single roller
    ●2 working axes
    ●Siemens 808D CNC control system
    ●CAD-CAM programming system
    ●USB or Networking connectivity
    ●Integrated automatic lubrication system makes the maintenance more reliable.
    ●Automatic positioning of tailstock and other units available
    ●Semi-enclosed Safety doors available
    ●4 position indexable head for quick roller/tool changes
    ●Meehanite cast iron machine body with high quality and less deformation
    ●Precision ball screws ensure dynamic performance well and positioning accurately
    ●Multifunctional machines: spinning, shear forming, machining, trimming, beading, flanging
    ●2 years warranty and lifetime technical support.

    Give us a call at +86-18951166013 or email us by today for a formal quote on the CNC Metal Spinning Machine and talk to TIPTOP expert.

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