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Q1: why choose metal spinning machine?

A1: Metal Spinning Machine is a much more feasible economical solution. It can make variety spun parts through change the spinning moulds.

Q2: When choose the metal spinning machine and deep drawing press machine?

A2: If you make barrel shape workpiece, you can choose the deep drawing press machine. For other shape such as horn, disc, hemispherical, cone, curved, parabolic, warhead and so on. You have to use the metal spinning machine to make them.

Q3: Materials TIPTOP Metal Spinning Forms/Fabricates?

A3: cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium, inconel and other rare metals.

Q4: What Diameters/ Dimensions can TIPTOP provide?

A4: We spin Max. 1500mm blank diameters on our CNC Metal Spinning Machines. While forming many different complex shapes and sizes to meet customer requirements.

Q5: How can I choose a suitable machine?

A5: Send the workpiece drawing to us or tell us the size of workpiece you want to make, and then we will recommend you the suitable machine model.

Q6: Are you the manufacturer?

A6: Yes, we are manufacturer, so you can get factory price from us directly. At the same time, we distribute some machines and tools with the cost price.

Q7: Can we visit your factory?

A7: Yes, of course, welcome you visit our factory and check our machine quality on spot. After you confirm the visiting schedule, then we can pick you up accordingly. One engineer and translator will accompany you to support you.

Q8: How can you guarantee the machine quality?

A8: Strictly quality control, vision inspection one by one before packing.

Q9: Warranty?

A9: two years warranty for the main parts which not include quick-wears parts and moulds. If the parts of machines have problems, which are caused by its own quality, we will provide the accessories for free.