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CNC Spinning Machine For Large Basin

LETIPTOP CNC Spinning Machine can process metal spinning parts up to 1600mm in diameter. The precision is extremely high for making the large spinning parts such as basins and aircraft shells. 

The advantages are as follows:

1.The metal deformation condition is good, the spinning roller and the metal are in point contact, the contact area is small, and the unit pressure is high, up to 2500~3500Mpa. It is suitable for processing materials with high strength and difficult deformation. When making the same workpiece, the spinning is about 1/20 of the power consumed by the stamping.
2.A wide range of products, all workpieces with spinning work can be used in the CNC spinning process. Such as LED lampshade, reflective lampshade, lighting accessories, car exhaust pipes, rice cookers, and other small home industries.
3.High material utilization and low production costs. Compared with machining, spinning can save about 70% of materials.
4.The quality of the workpiece is high, tensile strength and hardness are improved.
5.The surface of the product has low surface roughness and small dimensional tolerance. The tolerance is 0.05mm.
6.The workpiece is seamless and eliminates the weld-related discontinuities.
7.Compared with stamping, the spinning process is simple, the spinning is completed once, and the punching requires multiple stretching.
8.The material source is wide, and it can be spun by various materials such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, iron and aluminum alloy.