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Welcome to LETIPTOP

LETIPTOP is a leading manufacturer of CNC Metal Spinning machine in China. Our CNC Metal Spinning Lathe Machines are virtually unlimited for long production needs. Established in 2004, Jiangsu TIPTOP Machine Tools Co., Ltd., was started as a small metalworking and metal forming fabrication workshop.

In order to enable our customers to make high quality products, we started to manufacture CNC metal spinning machines in 2008. We have grown and now provide spinning services and support to many reputable equipment manufactures.

Our products include CNC spinning machine, spun parts. Our metal spinning machine support 2 years warranty, metal spinning technology support saves cost and provides free metal spinning parts samples.

OEM Service

DRAWING / CONCEPT: We can recommend you the machine model according to the drawing or sample of workpiece. Or work with customer engineer on refining part to make it more easily manufactured.

PROTOTYPE: We have the available CNC Metal Spinning Machine to make the sample for you. Before going into machine production, take the opportunity to see sample to assist in your product development process.

MANUFACTURING PART: The raw material is prepared. Then, the part is machined and inspected to drawing specs and secondary processes are applied.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: In house engineering/production designs a process plan and undergoes a strict quality control process to achieve durability with minimal maintenance. Also, designs tooling and gets it on the floor for manufacturing.

Quality Control


Installation & Commissioning

1. Our company is responsible for delivering the equipment to the designated place according to the type and quantity of equipment specified in the contract, and guarantees that the equipment installation, commissioning, start-up and operation are completed on time according to the contract requirements.

2. Our company tests all machines according to the contract requirements.

3. Our company provides detailed technical training.

4. Our company provides manuals and drawings for on-site installation, inspection, testing, operation and maintenance;

5. Ensure that the operational requirements described in the functional specifications are met, and we are responsible for on-site installation management and on-site acceptance testing of all machines in the contract.

6. After the goods arrival, the buyer shall check the goods and check the appearance of the goods under the supervision of our company and the buyer.

7. When our company engineers install the machine on site, they should abide by the local laws and regulations of the user.

Technical Training:

1. Operate the CNC control system skillfully. 3.  Identify primary failures and necessary recovery methods
2. Operate the machine correctly 4. troubleshooting methods

After Sales

1. unction during the warranty period (which is the supplier’s responsibility), we will be provided after-sales service with free charges.
2. We will reply within 24 hours and arrange the arrival time of the service personnel after receiving the after-sales service request information from the user.
3. The malfunction will be solved once time if without accessories replacing after the service personnel arrives at the service place. If the machine fault cannot resolve, the service personnel should explain the solution and time to the user before the service personnel leaves.
4. During the warranty period, if the malfunctions are caused by your incorrect operations, we will provide the buyer with spare parts at cost price.
5. The service personnel shall not make unreasonable requests to the user with various reasons and excuses, and shall not ask for the money when serving the user.