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Stainless Steel Venturi Tube

Spun Product Name: Stainless Steel Venturi Tube
Spun Product Material: Stainless Steel SUS304, 1.8mm
Dimension: Dia 190 x H 195mm
Application: Industrial exhaust, dust-cleaning apparatus parts
Processing Method: CNC metal spinning, flow forming, neck-in
Metal Spinning Advantage: When the height of the venturi exceeds a certain value, the drawing cannot be formed,  CNC Metal Spinning Machine can process it.

The difficulties for venturi tube spinning:

The nature of Venturi tube is generally complex. If stainless steel is used as the material of the venturi, the spinning process is easily cracked. If processing the venturi tubes by CNC metal spinning machine, It requires equipment with high rigidity, and the technical level of the spinning process is also very important.

The processing problems and solutions for the venturi tube :

1.Material selection:  Many manufacturers sell Stainless steel 304 , and the tensile properties of materials provided by different manufacturers are also different.
2.Spinning Cracking: Adjust the spinning path to overcome material cracking caused by multiple drawing.
3.Flatness of the flange: This is an important requirement for the venturi, which can adjust the flange face angle of the spinning mold to overcome the stress rebound of the material.

Size Φ190x195mm Φ190x190mm