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Car Shock Absorber Cover

Spun Part Name:Car Shock Absorber Cover
Spun Part Material:Stainless Steel 304/409/Aluminum 6061/ Aluminum 5052
Spinning Advantage:The spinning surface is better, the strength is higher, and the mold cost is lower.

LETIPTOP Car Shock Absorber Cover metal Spun Products:

Size Φ136 x120mm Φ168 x118.4mm Φ139 x109mm
Size Φ142 x154mm Φ152 x139m Φ146 x116mm
Size Φ99.4 x252mm Φ90 x330mm Φ107 x246mm

Usage: Attenuate the vibration of the frame and the body quickly, improves the ride comfort.

Car Shock Absorber Cover metal Spinning

●Material:Stainless Steel 409/ Cold-rolled Steel
●Material:Magnalium 5 series/6 series

The functions and requirements for the shock absorber need to achieve:

3.nonlinear force requirements
4.assembly precision requirements

Compared with the traditional manufacturing process of the shock absorber cover (hydraulic drawing, casting, expansion), the spinning advantages are:

1.Spinning mold has a short manufacturing cycle and lower cost.
2.The mechanical properties of the spinning shock absorber cover are better.
3.Spinning in mass production is more efficient and accurate.