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Titanium Alloy Tableware

Spun Parts Name: Titanium Alloy Tableware
Spun Parts Material: titanium alloy
Product introduction: Titanium material is beneficial to the human body. It is a new type of tableware material. The spun products include cups, plates, bowls and other tableware.
Spinning Advantage: Titanium alloy rebounds significantly during the forming process. It affects the spin forming.  The heating spinning can make the surface of the titanium alloy smoother.
Difficulties for Titanium Alloy Spinning:

Titanium is a kind of metal that is harmless to the human body, but it is more difficult to spinning-forming than stainless steel.
The tensile strength of titanium alloy is relatively high. The edge of titanium is easy to wrinkle during the spinning, thus affecting the further spinning of titanium alloy. The cutting performance of titanium alloy is not very good. It is easy to stick the knife. The thermal conductivity of titanium is also relatively poor. So the temperature is easy to heat up during polishing to cause the product to be scrapped.
The solution for Spinning

1.Selecting a smaller radius wheel will reduce wrinkles.
2.heating can change the material properties of the titanium material.
3 Select a high hardness material for heat treatment to prevent scratching the surface of titanium alloy products.
LETIPTOP – Metal Spinning Machine Cases  titanium alloy spun products: